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Our Vision:
To inspire change in communities around the world by encouraging victims to break free and survivors to speak up about domestic violence

Our Mission:
To help rehabilitate victims of domestic violence and spread awareness to create sustainable change surrounding this epidemic around the globe. 


"As Vice President, Michelle has pushed our non-profit into an entirely new sphere. Her tenacity, conviction and dedication, combined with amazing people skills,have served to spread our message to so many new people, new churches and new organizations. If she sets her heart and mind to something, you're going to see a force of nature."



-Alan Chorun

President of 

Young Vision Africa

Michelle was partnered with Young Vision Africa as Vice President.  She organized YVA’s annual event, “Martini’s for a Mission.”  The event was held March 10, 2016 to raise funds to build a school in the village of Blama Perri, solidify farming operations, and expand the reach of YVA.


She joined the organization on their second annual mission trip to Sierra Leone in April 2016.

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Michelle went to Hyderabad, India with a group of amazing individuals.  She laughed and cried with the children and her fellow volunteers.  She learned how women are treated and discarded in other nations.  The team worked at an orphanage cleaning rust from windows, planted a garden, and of course played with the kids.


"The experience in India is one I will never forget", she said.  She enjoyed eating curries and tandoori-grilled meats with her right hand while speaking with the children.


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"The first time I experienced any African nation was with a group called Kizimani.  We spent three weeks in Kenya, in three different locations.  When I landed at the airport, I realized how different Kenya was compared to the United States.  I was submerged in a different culture and way of life.  I learned what passion for Christ actually meant. I was engulfed in the inequalities of this world."


Kenyans showed Michelle what it was to truly love and need.  She fell in love with the people and knew she was meant to work on the continent.  She will go back.  Michelle hope's in the near future Unsilenced Voices can partner with Kizimani and through the joint effort, change domestic violence in Africa.


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My first experience on a mission trip was to Casa Guatemala.  The efforts of the faculty and the volunteers was overwhelming and heartwarming.  The group I went with consisted of diversity.  Each person who volunteered loved the children with everything they had.  We planted pineapples, cleaned the playground, painted, and held an assembly with the students at the school.


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