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As my weak and battered body lay paralyzed on the mattress in our master bedroom, my boyfriend’s blood dripped from the lacerations on his hands onto my bruised and mangled face. Using what little energy I had left, I broke free from his grasp and fell to my knees, begging God to forgive him for what he was doing and to make him stop. Paul simply laughed and replied, “God isn’t going to help you now.” In that instant, I saw my life flash before my eyes and wondered how I got here…again. 


But I Love Him is a painful yet inspirational true story of a strong, independent woman caught in the horrifying cycle of domestic violence and how she got out. In this book, I share the details of my struggle with genuine honesty, taking the reader on a twisted journey of love, pain and unyielding brutality that eventually leads…to peace. The story starts with an introduction into one of the many beatings I received from Paul, my boyfriend of three years, with a terrifying account of his maliciousness. I then backpedal with a look into my childhood, events that shaped my adult life and how Paul and I started our love affair. I talk about the insidious campaign that Paul wagered to convince me that I needed him, to manipulate my thoughts and control my life.  I show how I was slowly coerced into believing his every word even through the emotional abuse and physical pain.  


I then take the reader on a journey to discover my self-truth and an awakening to what I was caught up in—a convoluted mess of destruction and hostility. I speak about living with Paul, our day to day life and what happened at night. I analyze why I stayed and what I was thinking during specific times, offering journal entries, letters and emails from that time. I disclose my breaking point and why I finally left, this time for good. I also include details of my court proceedings with him and his attack on another woman.


But I Love Him is designed to help others not just through my own personal story, but also through research, statistics and resources. I want to assist men and women who find themselves trapped in a situation similar to my own, to let know that they are not alone and that they can get out. Their desire to stay with an abusive partner does not make them wrong or cowardly; it just makes them human. I want to help victims understand they are being manipulated, emotionally and psychologically tormented, and that they need to find a way out. I stayed because I cared, because I believed the lies, because I trusted he would change, and because I loved him. I thank God I am alive to tell my story today. 


But I Love Him shows just how far someone in my situation can sink, why it happens and how they can always pick themselves back up. Those who read my story will walk away with a newfound understanding about the horrors of domestic violence, how to escape and how to build a new, healthier life.


Michelle Jewsbury, is a crusader against Domestic Violence. She is a spokesperson and an advocate for Domestic Violence survivors.  Performer Michelle Jewsbury opens up about the harsh realities of her own personal past experience and shines a spotlight on an all too common issue that both men and women face: Domestic Violence. With her honest, bold and brave approach, Michelle, under the sharp direction of acclaimed solo artist and director Jessica Lynn Johnson, uses But I Love Him as an in depth exploration of the very raw cycle of abuse and what it means to be a victim

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