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Michelle Jewsbury was born in Sandpoint, Idaho on August 10 to William and Wendy Jewsbury. Michelle grew up cultured, living in various states such as Vermont, Hawaii, Idaho, and California.


Her father was in the military and her family moved wherever his career called him.  Michelle has one sibling, Joshua Jewsbury.



Michelle Jewsbury is an author, actress, speaker and humanitarian.  She is passionate about using her natural talents to make the world a better place by combating domestic violence worldwide. 

May 2014, she took her first humanitarian trip to Guatemala and has been to many countries since helping underprivileged youth and women.  In 2015, she embarked in a career as Vice President for Young Vision Africa, a non-profit organization doing humanitarian work in Sierra Leone.  She stayed with YVA until August 2016 when she decided to leave the organization to focus her efforts on ending domestic violence.


July 2017, Michelle founded Unsilenced Voices, a non profit focused on inspiring change in communities around the world by encouraging victims to break free and survivors to speak up about domestic violence.  Her vision is to launch an initiative to develop shelters for women and children internationally.  She has seen injustices against women and witnessed the imbalance of power in third world countries.


In the entertainment industry, she has worked in casting, as an agent, producer, and actress in television, film and on the stage.  She is known for her acclaimed one-person play But I Love Him, loosely based on her past experience in an abusive relationship.  She has had numerous appearances on talk shows and stages throughout the U.S and worldwide.  

Michelle‚Äôs hope is that through her bravery and boldness she will inspire others to take charge and participate in her life-long dream of ending domestic violence.  

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